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Meet the Milexia Group at European Microwave Week – April 2022

The Milexia Group will be at the long awaited European Microwave Week (EuMW) at London’s Excel Centre in April 2022.

Our teams from the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany will be coming together to exhibit all of our RF and Microwave products that we distribute across Europe and beyond. EuMW 2021 is a six day event, taking place from the 2nd – 7th of April and includes cutting edge conferences, Forums and an exciting trade and technology Exhibition featuring leading players from across the globe. EuMW 2021 provides access to the very latest products, research and initiatives in the microwave sector. It also offers you the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with those driving the future of microwave technology.

The 24th European Microwave Week combines:

  • Three Major Conferences
  • Two Forums
  • Associated Workshops
  • Tailored Courses and Seminars for industrialists, academics and researchers
  • Leading International Trade Show
  • Exhibitor Workshops and Seminars will be provided by several top organisations with superior expertise in Microwave, RF, Wireless or Radar

The exhibition runs from Monday 4th until Wednesday 6th of April and the hours are:

Monday 4th: 09:30-18:00

Tuesday 5th: 09:30 – 17:30

Wednesday 6th: 09:30-15:00

Visit the team on stand 118 during the exhibition or contact us to arrange a time that suits you to discuss your RF and Microwave requirements.

Visit for more information about European Microwave Week and to register for your tickets.




Milexia Group announce acquisition of Globes Elektronik and PKTRONICS

We are delighted to announce two major steps in the expansion of the Milexia Group with the acquisition of GLOBES ELEKTRONIK in Germany and PKTRONICS GROUP in France.

These two milestones are part of Milexia strategic plan to expand Milexia coverage into new Western European countries, and offer additional value-added services to our customers and suppliers.

This allows us to add 40 new skilled team members to our team, strengthens our technical manufacturing capabilities and also brings an additional laboratory for both assembly and product development in the computing domain which will complement our existing technical skills in the Satcom, RF and Timing.




ESA adds our partner DDC as an Approved Source for Rad Hard EEPROM Memories

Our partner Data Device Corporation (DDC) proudly announces that the 1Mb (128k x 8) EEPROM QML-V Rad Hard memories (SMD# 5962-38267 – 28C010T & 28C011T) have been added to the European Space Agency (ESA) preferred parts list (EPPL, issue 39).

DDC’s EEPROM memories are designed for high reliability in the most demanding space applications, and feature a greater than 100 krad (Si) total dose tolerance. DDC’s EEPROM memories are offered in a variety of voltage, density and speed options, including 3.3V and 5V, with memory densities ranging from 1Mb to 20Mb, and with access times as low as 120ns. DDC offers a wide range of radiation-hardened memory products, including EEPROM, PROM, SRAM, SDRAM, and NOR & NAND flash. DDC’s microelectronic components and single board computers have been qualified by NASA, ESA, and JAXA, as well as thousands of missions serving the space community for decades.

  • High Reliability
    • QML-V approved ceramic hermetic package
    • Total dose hardness > 100 krad (Si)
    • SEL & SEFI immune
    • TRL-9 (flight heritage)
    • 10 year data retention guarantee
  • Long Life Cycle Support
    • Configuration control maintaining full traceability and quality control for the long life cycles of space and military programs
    • Uninterrupted product availability… EEPROM supported for decades
  • Non-ITAR


We are proud to announce the partnership with company QUANERGY, producer of high-performance AI-powered LiDAR platforms. Milexia selected Quanergy due to the unique technology of the solid state product and high level performances of the electro-mechanics device.

LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a time-of-flight sensing technology that pulses low-power, eye-safe lasers and measures the time it takes for the laser to complete a round trip between the sensor and a target. The resulting aggregate data are used to generate a 3D point cloud image, providing both spatial location and depth information to identify, classify, and track moving objects.

Product overview:

  • Industry-Leading LiDAR Solutions As a leading LiDAR platform provider, Quanergy offers a comprehensive product portfolio including hardware sensors and perception software. The sensing capabilities include both 3D mechanical LiDAR and 100% solid state LiDAR. Together, hardware and AI-Powered smart perception software technologies are combined to create a unique Quanergy Flow Management Platform™ to enable sophisticated solutions for industries such as smart city, smart space, security, and industrial automation.
  • Mechanical LiDAR Sensors M Series high-performance LiDAR sensors are the leading mechanical LiDAR for mapping, security, and smart city and smart space applications. Featuring industry-leading accuracy and point cloud density, M Series LiDAR sensors also offer long range coverage and real-time 3D perception.
  • Solid State LiDAR Sensors S Series sensors are true 100% solid state LiDAR based on industry-first Optical Phased Array (OPA) technology. With electronic beam steering and no moving parts, these robust, ultra-reliable LiDAR sensors are immune to vibration and provide more than 100,000 hours mean time between failure (MTBF). In addition, the affordable, scalable CMOS silicon process enables extremely cost- effective at mass production.
  • Flow Management Platform Quanergy’s 3D AI-Powered LiDAR Flow Management technology provides a modular, scalable and advanced perception platform to enable real-time analysis for people counting, object detection, classification, tracking and more. Quanergy’s Flow Management™ platform consists of three different products, M series with QORTEX DTC™ (Detect, Track, Classify), S3-2 with QORTEX™ Access Control, S3-2 with QORTEX™ People Counter. Together, they are designed to solve a wide range of applications in retail, airports, public venues, commercial and government buildings, and industrial facilities.


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, Milexia Italia has done everything possible to preserve the health of our workers and the whole community. Following the government's provisions, we communicate that we have implemented the following actions to combat and contain the contagion:

  • The creation within the Milexia group of a task force that periodically follows the evolution of the pandemic, defining for the whole group the actions necessary to protect the health of employees and to guarantee the continuity of activities. If you wish to write to us on this topic,
  • The implementation of smart working
  • Daily sanitization of offices and warehouses

Aware of our role within the production chains considered strategic, in particular in the field of defense and space, and as communicated to the prefect of Milan, we remain open and operational with limited staff in the main Milan office and in the warehouse. There will be no impact on our operations and on the products/services offered to our customers.

We are constantly in contact with our suppliers in order to guarantee the continuity of supplies and we are committed to keeping our customers informed of any difficulties that may arise in the supply chain.

Thanks for the support and wishing a speedy recovery to the whole system, we send our regards.

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Dear Valuable Partners,

As you know the Covid-19 is continuing to expand its footprint around many countries and specifically in Europe.
Milexia is monitoring this situation very carefully and we are taking appropriate steps to safeguard our employees. Securing our supply chain is a priority for us. We are in contact with all our suppliers that can be affected by some work/transport restrictions.

In regards to that situation, some additional lead time for delivery of our products may be encountered.
Milexia is evaluating the exact impact on its supply chain and will keep you informed of any evolution of the situation.

China’s production is restarting gradually, nevertheless end to end logistic is still not at the level before crisis.
The business continuity plan of Milexia has been organized and all its employees are mobilized to offer the same quality service as in normal times.

Fell free to contact Milexia sales representative for more detailed information.

Milexia Group President


Expansion of Milexia group across UK and Ireland

We are delighted to announce the expansion of Milexia group across UK and Ireland, following the acquisition of Sematron UK Ltd. on 14 May 2019.

SEMATRON UK is a specialized distributor of RF & MW Components, Equipment and Systems with a strong presence in UK market. Since 1990 it is a recognized leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of Satcom terminals & equipment as well as Timing Solutions for various markets including Defence, Aerospace, Telecommunications and Financial institutions.



Read our full press release here:




SEPTENTRIO: Satellite positioning for industrial applications

Septentrio designs, manufactures and sells highly accurate GPS/GNSS receivers, for demanding applications requiring accuracies in the decimeter or centimeter range, even under difficult conditions. Whether it’s on the high sea, in scintillation prone areas or at high latitudes, customers know that Septentrio receivers deliver fast, accurate and reliable positions. In urban canyons, under canopies or even under circumstances where there is deliberate interference, this receivers will make our customers excel.

VersaLogic : Rugged Embedded Computers and Secure

Milexia is pleased to introduce VersaLogic's new full range of ultra-rugged, high-performance integrated computing products:




MILEXIA ITALIA is pleased to announce that we have been certified UNI EN 9120:2009.

This certification implements the previous UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, including specific requirements for avionic, space and defense (ASD) industry. It demonstrates Milexia Italia’ s conformance to the highest expectations in term of quality, safety and reliability.The primary objective of this certification was to meet a specific customers requirement, in order to participate to tenders where Milexia Italia was previously excluded, so we expect more business opportunities. However, on the way to achieve this certification, we have decided to adopt an open approach, taking the opportunity to review all internal processes and to define specific actions to improve the traceability of information and data protection, building an organization stronger, more secure and efficient.

“We consider the EN 9120 certification an important step for MILEXIA ITALIA to show our commitment to the quality standard required to operate in ASD market and to pursue our continuous improvement to reach the excellence in the distribution of components and subsystem”

Mitia Cugusi

General Manager