Technical service

Servizio Tecnico

 Maintenance of scientific and electronic equipment

 Since more than 30 years, Microelit is taking care of installation and maintenance of the scientific and electronic equipment they sell.

Moreover, Microelit added value consists in proposing the service of their technical department, to Companies wishing  to sell their products in France and in Europe, and therefore need to have a recognized, well-organized, tested, pro-activ and continual service, but maybe do not have the internal means and organization to do so.

At the same time, we can offer help to those who wish to reduce the number of their technicians, or who can no longer find help for some of their equipments, since they are too old or the supplier no longer exists.

Looking for second hand equipment , repair and assistance

Servizio Tecnico

Microelit can perform, on your behalf, the quest for the second-hand scientific equipment you might need, can check their status, can take care of the installation and maintenance with a guarantee of result which you can’t have by yourself,  since generally this equipment is bought in the same status.



Technical support and specific development

Servizio Tecnico

Microelit has got more than 30 years of experience in installation and maintenance of scientific and electronic complex equipment, in addition to metrological and control equipment used in white rooms for the production and follow-up of semi-conductors.

In this way, engineers and technicians in Microelit could acquire some technical competences, important in different fields: electronic, mechanical, emptiness techniques, connections, RF, informatic authomatism, networking.

Thanks to these competences, and to the qualification of our engineers and technicians, Microelit is also involved in specific developments, and projects follow-up, in electronic iper-frequencies but also in scientific instrumentation.

Whether we have to adapt or to interface the products we sell, or  other products, or if we have to take our products to make a complex subsystem, oiur capacity to be your partner can be expressed 


Engineers and specialized technicians, very qualified and under continuous upgrade

Servizio Tecnico

In what mainly concerns our maintenance, our main target is to assure our customers an excellent usage rate, the greatest longevity to their equipments, and also to optimize their investments. 

This is why we have a very qualified team, which is constantly upgraded to reduce the time needed for repair.

Our team consists of a sufficient number of people to ensure a quick intervention, without interruptions, also during holiday periods