WSID 50th

Crash Test Dummies

WSID 50th

WorldSID 50th

Data Sheet 

WorldSID 50th

WorldSID stands for Worldwide harmonized Side Impact Dummy, a crash test dummy to be used for the assessment of vehicle occupant injury risk in lateral impact. It is designed to be used as a standard, regulatory test tool as well as a research tool for a multitude of impact conditions.

WSID 50th Instrumentation

Head CG Linear Acceleration
Rotational Acceleration
Tilt Rotation

Neck Upper Neck Load Cell
Lower Neck Load Cell

Shoulder Rib Linear Acceleration
Rib Displacement
Joint Forces

Full Arm Upper Arm Load Cell
Lower Arm Load Cell
Elbow Moments
Elbow Angular Displacement
Elbow Linear Acceleration
Wrist Linear Acceleration

Thorax Upper Rib Linear Acceleration
Upper Rib Deflection
Middle Rib Linear Acceleration
Middle Rib Deflection
Lower Rib Linear Acceleration
Lower Rib Deflection

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